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Tea Tastings & Private Events

(To book a table for our Afternoon Tea service, give us a call, send an email, or fill out the contact form. Just let us know what day and time you would like to come, and how many in your party.)

If you're tea-curious and would like taste and learn about a variety of teas, you may enjoy one of our tea tastings.  Long time tea drinkers may want to select their own teas and discuss brewing and origins.  Tea tastings can also be fun for parties or company events.

Public Tea Tasting & Educational Sessions

Our tasting and educational sessions explore different types of teas and the best ways to brew them.  They can be attended in any sequence without pre-requisite. There are 6 seats available at each session. Reserve your seat below!

Custom Tea Tastings

Our Custom Tea Tastings are designed for 3-6 guests to explore any four teas of your choosing.  One of our in-house tea experts will sit with you and brew each tea, while they discuss the origins and history of the tea, and the best ways to brew and taste them.

The guided portion of the tea tastings last 45-60 minutes, after which you are free to linger over the teas as you like.  Any four teas from our catalog can be selected, including gong-fu teas and private collection teas.

Custom Tea Tastings are scheduled at your convenience during regular shop hours.  The price is $30 per person.

Private Events

Looking for a venue for your baby shower, birthday party, or corporate event?  We offer an inviting space with cute decor, and we're happy to serve our tea and treats to your guests!  Our dining room can seat 20 as is.  If you have specific layouts or seating needs in mind, let us know.

We can offer our Afternoon Tea service for your guests, or we can help you customize a menu to fit your needs.  We can also offer tea tastings or tea pairings.  If you prefer to bring in outside food or beverage, let us know!  Please note that we cannot serve alcohol in our space.

We look forward to helping you celebrate!

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