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Our Tea

Tea is a refuge, an escape from the rush of our lives. The balance of caffeine and theanine in camelia sinensis, the tea plant, promotes mental focus and concentration. Tea brewing and drinking is its own ceremony, offering relaxation and calm awareness.

Our teas are single origin, all natural, non-blended and without added flavorings.  This brings out the unique energies and experiences of each tea, without diluting the benefits to body and mind.

At Callisto, we only serve teas that we enjoy, carefully curated from around the world by our diverse tasting group. Let us be your guides on your tea journey as we explore the mysteries of tea.

Many of our teas are seasonal, meaning they should be enjoyed within a year of picking.  It also means we may not always have the same teas in stock. We’ll keep you updated as teas come and go, but our rare and special teas may only be available in limited quantities.

Each of our teas has a story.  It may be the unusual location they were grown, or their unique processing methods.  The farmer or producer may be pushing the envelop in cultivation or social consciousness.  Or it may be the fantastical origin story behind the name. Ultimately the story of the tea is the one you tell after drinking it.

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