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Black Tea refers to tea leaves that are fully oxidized. This gives the tea more of a fruity & 'spiced' character, as compared to green tea being more grassy & nutty. There are many varieties of Black Tea from all over the world. This collection of single-origin, non-blended, non-flavored teas is an opportunity to explore the different flavor profiles and energies they can offer.


Contains 4 Black Teas, 10 grams of each (enough for 3 tea times).


- Climber's Brew (Darjeeling, India): This bracing Indian tea brings clove & spice notes, and enough energy to get you up that mountain. Courtesy of one of the only woman-owned tea estates in India.
- Rosy-fingered Dawn (Assam, India): Like Homer’s ‘child of morning’, this tea awakens your senses. A classic early-riser’s Assam with a surprising sweetness that will stay with you through the day.
- The Red Queen (Sichuan, China): In China, Black Tea was named 'hong cha' meaning "Red Tea", for the rich color of its brew. This tea is also called 'gui fei hong' or Imperial Red. This is a tea fit for royalty, with luxurious cacao notes and a smooth, silky finish.

- Hummingbird (Fujian, China): From the fabled Wuyi Mountains, a honey-like tea with a lightly fruity character, like sweet nectar, this tea boasts a long lingering finish.


Brewing Recommendations:
While Black Tea is often enjoyed with cream & sugar, we recommend trying each tea with no additives, to fully appreciate their properties and differences. Use 3 grams of tea leaf (1.5 tsp) and brew with boiling water for 2-3 minutes, according to taste.