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All the ways about here belong to you, so give yourself free reign with this most luxurious of teas.


This decadent hong cha (red tea, called Black Tea in English), is fit for the royal court. It is also known as  'gui fei hong' or Imperial Red, in Sichuan, its origin. Indulge in cacao notes and a smooth, silky finish - treat yourself like a Queen.


This tea can be brewed gong fu style (more leaf, smaller pot, shorter brewing time), for up to 5 brews.

The Red Queen

  • Brewing Guide

    Leaf: 2 tsp (3-4 grams) for a cup or small pot; 3-4 tsp (5-6 grams) for a large pot.

    Water: full boil (100C / 212F)

    Time: 1-2 minutes for a small pot; 3-4 minutes for a large pot

    Cold Brew: 4 grams of tea to 500ml (16oz/2 cups) cold water. Refridgerate 12-14 hours.

  • Details

    Size: 50 grams (1.8 oz)

    Type: Black Tea

    Origin: Sichuan, China

    Character: Sumptuous, Creamy/Vanilla, Dark Chocolate

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