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This magical tea yields a rich auburn brew with a woodsy and ancient flavor. The energy of this tea, the cha qi, is immediately noticeable, grounding with deep roots.  After drinking, it leaves a sweet throat-soothing sensation.  The perfect tea as the days grow short.


A ripe (shu) pu-erh from Xishuangbanna Prefecture in Yunnan, these leaves were picked in 2003. As ripe pu-erh undergoes induced fermentation, there's often the sense that aging is not necessary.  This tea speaks to how 20 years of aging can still develop the flavors further.


"Tribute" teas refer to teas that were reserved as gifts for the royal family, the highest grades and qualities.  Give it to someone you respect or admire, or use it to recognize your own accomplishments.

Tribute Ripe 2003

  • Brewing Guide

    (See 'Brewing Guide' for explanation of the Four Elements of Brewing Tea)


    Leaf: 5 grams (2 tsp) in a small pot

    Water: Full boil

    Time: 30-60 seconds each brew (rebrew many times)

  • Details

    Size: 50 grams (1.8 oz)

    Type: Pu-erh (Dark Tea)

    Origin: Yunnan, China

    Character: Smooth, Rich, Comforting

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