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Experience some of the best teas coming out of China today. Learn to recognize 'cha qi' (tea energy), the energetic effects that accompany the rich flavors and transformative aromas.This sampler includes four (4) loose leaf teas - each contains ten (10) grams of tea, enough for 2-3 tea times. All of these teas can be brewed many times before discarding the leaves.


Included in this set:

  • Water Fairy (Shui Xian): - Roasted Oolong Tea. Shui Xian is considered the 'mother tea' of the famous Rock Oolong teas of the Wuyi mountains. This tea offers caramel and toasted vanilla notes and a fragrant floral aroma.
  • Wild White (Shou Mei) 2008: - Aged White Tea. Shou Mei white tea from wild tea trees. This tea has been pressed into cakes and aged, bringing out mellow honey sweetness with a tingling cooling sensation.
  • Heavenly Sips (Tian Jian Fu Cha): - Dark Tea. 'Brick Tea', originally traded with central and northern Asia along the fabled Tea-Horse Road, is famous for its 'golden flowers' running throughout. This character of this fermented tea is orchids crossed with rain-soaked forest.
  • Snow Mountain (Sheng Pu'er) 2012: - Raw Pu'er Tea. This wiry tea from Yunnan has the minerality common to pu'er (often compared to the flavor of a peach pit), but it quickly gives way to a lingering honeysuckle aftertaste.

Tea Masters Collection


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