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A tea infuser is an essential tool for exploring the world of loose leaf tea. Our filter offers a large capacity basket, which is important to allow the leaves to fully open and release all of their flavors, aromas, and health benefits. Some tea leaves expand 4-10x in size as they absorb water. Don’t leave your leaves cramped and unable to release their goodness into your cup!


Made of stainless steel with a long handle that stays cool to the touch, it fits a variety of cups, mugs and teapots in different sizes and styles. Whether you’re making a single cup for your self or sharing a pot with friends, this one infuser will serve you well. The fine mesh keeps leaves, stems and flower petals from floating into your tea.


The silicone lid keeps tea warm while it steeps and doubles as a saucer, fitting under the base. No more drips or spills when you remove the leaves from your perfectly-timed tea, and you can keep the leaves handy to re-steep as many times as you like.


Our infuser basket is 2-3/8" diameter at the base, 3-1/2" at the rim, and the handle extends another 1-1/4". The height of the basket is 2-3/4".

Tea Infuser Basket

  • Care Instructions

    Wash with soap and water.  Dishwasher safe.

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