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The Mother Goddess Xiwangmu lives on Mount Kunlun, where she tends an orchard of peach trees.  These trees only bear fruit once every three thousand years.  All the immortals gather at that time, and she serves the Feast of Peaches.  Eating these peaches is said to be the source of the immortals’ longevity.

While it may not grant immortality, this herbal is bursting with fruit flavor, and a lingering vibrant energy.  Peaches are vitamin-rich, high in antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory.  Honeybush and Green Rooibos, African herbs traditionally taken as tea, may help relieve diabetes, increase metabolism, and lower blood pressure.  All told, this herbal is both fun and functional.  Try it hot or as a cold brew!

Peach Elixir

  • Details

    Size: 50 grams (1.8 oz)

    Type: Herbal / Caffiene-Free

    Ingredients: Honeybush, Green Rooibos, Tangerine, Peach, Sunflower petals, Natural flavors

    Character: Fruity, Sweet, Energetic

  • Brewing Guide

    Leaf: 1.5 tsp (3 grams) for a cup or small pot; 3 tsp (5-6 grams) for a large pot.

    Water: full boil (100/212)

    Time: 3-4 minutes for a small pot; 4-5 minutes for a large pot

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