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These Hidden Gems are made from leaves harvested on Bulang Mountain, in Menghai County, Yunnan. They were picked in 2006 from ancient tea trees, and pressed into these mini-cakes or coins. After close to two decades of aging in Hong Kong, this tea is velvety smooth, the forest notes of ripe pu-erh mellowed with camphor. It has a very soothing and comforting effect on the body. 

Each mini-cake contains ~12 grams of leaves. Simply unwrap one cake into your teapot, add boiling water, and linger over this delicious tea. It should be brewed many times - the cake will come apart over each brew, yielding subtle variations in flavor.  For a shorter tea session, the cake can be easily split into halves by pressing against the creased line in the middle. Brew a half cake the same way as brewing a whole, only there won’t be quite as many brews.

Hidden Gem (pu-erh coins)

  • Brewing Guide

    (See 'Brewing Guide' for explanation of the Four Elements of Brewing Tea)

    Leaf: 1 coin in a pot

    Water: Full boil

    Time: 1-2 minutes for the first brew; 30-60 seconds each brew after (rebrew many times). For half coin, double the time for each brew.

  • Details

    Size: 50 grams (1.8 oz)

    Type: Pu-erh (Dark Tea)

    Origin: Yunnan, China

    Character: Smooth, Grounding, Earthy

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