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Make Cold Brew Tea at home and take it on the go with our crystal infuser water bottle.  Included stainless steel brewing basket fits right in the bottle, with its own lid to prevent leaves from escaping. Add 3 grams (1-2 tsp, depending on leaf size) of your favorite tea or herbal to the basket. Fill the bottle with cold water and keep in the fridge overnight (12-14 hours).  Remove the basket in the morning and enjoy delicious Cold Brew throughout your day!


Cold brewing may extract more benefits than traditional tea brewing, and is a great way to experience the silky mouthfeel of more ‘tippy’ teas.  Iced Teas are often brewed hot and then chilled with ice, which can dilute the flavor.  Cold brewing retains the original character of the tea.


Available with four crystal types, to infuse your tea with crystal energy, or just to look pretty, as the case may be!

  • Amethyst: for cleansing, protection, and inspiration

  • Rose Quartz: for friendship, love, and peace

  • Lapis Lazuli: for wisdom, compassion, and enlightenment

  • Aventurine: for luck, harmony, and courage


Our water bottles are made of high borosilicate glass, so they can withstand temperature changes.  The lids are bamboo with BPA-free plastic lining.  The bottles hold 400 ml (~14 oz) of liquid.

Crystal Infuser Water Bottle


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