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A delightful introduction to the world of tea, for all ages. Made from roasted stems of green tea, Kukicha has very low caffeine, while retaining all of the traditional health benefits of tea. The roast gives it a nutty, sweet flavor, with a thick and creamy texture.

Many teas focus on the youngest buds and leaves, but there are rewards to be found in all parts of the tea plant -  even the stems and twigs. ‘Kukicha’ means ‘twig tea’ in Japanese, taking the unused parts from the picking and turning it into this one of a kind experience.


  • Brewing Elements

    Leaf: 2-3 tsp (2g) for a single cup, 4-6 tsp (4g) for a medium pot, 7-8 tsp (6-8g) for a large pot

    Water: 90c / 194f

    Time: 2 minutes for a single cup, 3 minutes for a medium pot, 4 minutes for a large pot

  • Details

    Size: 50 grams (1.8 oz)

    Type: Green Tea

    Origin: Kyoto, Japan

    Character: Creamy, Sweet, Gentle

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