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Hot Summer means Cold Brew

Cold Brew Tea served at Callisto Tea House - outdoor seating available

As Summer heats up, even the most traditional tea lovers look for a cold beverage. That’s why we’re serving up delicious Cold Brew Teas at the shop.

Why do we offer Cold Brew Tea instead of Iced Tea? Iced Tea is often prepared by brewing hot tea and pouring it over ice to bring down the temperature. But when all that ice melts, it waters down the tea. To compensate, iced tea is usually over brewed - brewed for a longer time to increase the flavor. Doing this can introduce bitterness and astringency, which linger even when watered down. A common solution is to add flavorings like sweeteners and creamers. While this results in a tasty beverage, the tea flavor and aromatics get a bit lost, and it also cancels out the health benefits we associate with tea.

Cold brewing tea preserves the tea’s original nature. By brewing in cold water for 12-15 hours, the tea’s character is retained without introducing bitterness. Our Cold Brew Teas can be enjoyed straight, but we also offer sweeteners for those that wish (our rock sugar syrup, or liquid stevia).

The one downside of Cold Brew? It has to be prepared in advance, so they’re only available each day while supplies last!

Enjoying Cold Brew Tea with our Crystal Infuser Water Bottle

In our next post, we'll be describing our current selection of Cold Brew Teas in detail, as well as helping you make your own Cold Brews at home!


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