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Brewing Tip: Peaceful Separation

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Magic happens when you bring tea leaves and water together, but it’s equally important to separate them again. You know that friend that you like hanging out with at first, but after 15 minutes, you just want to strangle them? Once you've let your tea brew for the appropriate amount of time, you’ve got to separate the leaves from the water. Otherwise they just get on each other’s nerves, and get really bitter and angry.

Infuser Basket

You can take the leaves out of the water using an infuser basket, or you can take the water out of the leaves using a filtered pot to pour into cups or a pitcher. Just be sure to pour it all out! Anything left behind will be undrinkable

Separate the two, for everyone's sake. And no, a french press doesn’t count, now they’re just shouting at each other across a fence!

Brewing tea can be a peaceful, even meditative experience; so long as you remember, once that timer goes off, get those leaves outta there!


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