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When we created our Scented Teas, we kept two principles in mind. First, we used our premium, single-origin teas as bases. Second, we applied scents following the model of the classic Scented Teas like Jasmine and Earl Grey. Instead of adding many ingredients and flavorings, which has the potential to drown out the tea itself, we selected a single flavor or aroma to layer onto the tea, one that complements and enhances what the tea already offers.


Includes 10 grams of each tea, enough for 3 tea times

  • Setting Sun: We blended Assam Black Tea with sage leaves, creating a rich flavor that is peppery up front with a long lingering sweetness.
  • November Rain: Our “Climber’s Brew” Darjeeling Black Tea is full of clove-spice notes; adding cardamom brings a floral, sweet character, rounding out the tea, and creating a moody and contemplative experience.
  • Glowing Embers: Our Indonesian roasted oolong tea scented with cinnamon creates a warming and comforting mood.
  • First Snow Jasmine: The original Scented Tea, high-grade, spring-picked green tea is scented with Jasmine flowers for 3 days, and the process is repeated 5 times, so that the Jasmine scent is fully absorbed into the leaves. A meditative break from everyday life.

Scented Tea Gift Set


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