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Hojicha is a Japanese roasted green tea, but Avantika Jalan is bringing innovation and sustainability to her family’s tea estates in the Assam region of India. Here they have applied Japanese production techniques to their green tea, combining the bold flavors Assam is known for with the low caffeine of roasted stems and leaves.


Compared to our Cookie-Cha, this tea is nuttier, but with less sweet creaminess. A more robust, malty roast comes through, with a touch of smoke. This is a tea that can hold up to a heavy meal without fading into the background.

Assam Hojicha

  • Brewing Elements

    Leaf: 2 tsp (2g) for a single cup, 4 tsp (4g) for a medium pot, 6-8 tsp (6-8g) for a large pot

    Water: 90c / 194f

    Time: 2 minutes for a single cup, 3 minutes for a medium pot, 4 minutes for a large pot

  • Details

    Size: 50 grams (1.8 oz)

    Type: Green Tea

    Origin: Assam, India

    Character: Nutty, Malty, Smokey

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