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Brewing Guide


Thank you for trying our tea! These brewing recommendations are for a cup, mug or small pot.  For a larger pot, increase the leaf and time.

1. Leaf

Use 1 tsp (2 grams) of leaf

2. Water

Add water at 80 degrees C (175 F)

3. Time

Brew for 1 minute

When Brewing is finished, remove the leaves (if using an infuser) or pour all of the tea (if using a pot). Do not leave leaves in the cup or tea in the pot - tea may become bitter or astringent (dry).

Water Temperature:

To achieve 80 degree water (175F), heat water until tiny bubbles just begin to form on the bottome of the kettle, and wisps of steam appear.

To achieve 90 degree water (195F), heat water until bubbles on bottom of kettle and strings of tiny bubbles begin rising to the surface.

As always, adjust brewing elements to your personal taste. Happy Tea Time!

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